The Book Thief

Can you find a quote from part 1 of the book thief? please

A quote from part 1 of the book thief and a paragraph telling why you chose the quote. please please please

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All told, she owned fourteen books, but she saw her story as being made up predominantly of ten of them. Of those ten, six were stolen, one showed up at the kitchen table, two were made for her by a hidden Jew, and one was delivered by a soft, yellow-dressed afternoon.
When she came to write her story, she would wonder exactly when the books and the words started to mean not just something, but everything.

I love this quote because it so exemplifies who Liesel becomes...... how she overcomes the tragedies, the deaths, the heartaches....... and how she finds love and happiness in the middle of it all. Liesel used books and words to heal..... and then she wrote them for herself.


The Book Thief