The Book Thief

Briefly describe the fates of at least five characters from the novel?

Like what was their destiny? You can give at least 4?? Please its very very important

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Liesel survives Hitler's reign while many of those whom she loves perish as a result of World War II and the Holocaust.


Max is forced to march to Dachau, but he does survive the camp. He reunites with Liesel shortly after the war's end.


Han Hubermann dies in the air raid that hits Molching at the end of the novel.


Rudy dies in air raid.

Michael Holtzapfel

One of Frau Holtzapfel's sons, Michael served in the German Army in the Battle of Stalingrad, where his hand was severely wounded. At a makeshift hospital, he sees his brother Robert die. He returns home and later commits suicide, unable to live with the guilt of having lived while his brother died.