The Book Thief

a teacher bullies liesel and a hitler youth bullies rudy. How are they bullied and how do they stand up to the bullies ?

what did the bullies do to liesel and rudy ? why was it wrong ? also how do they stand up and face the bullies?

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Liesel is bullied by her teacher because she is unable to read. She takes this as a challenge to learn everything she can from books.

At a Hitler Youth meeting, Rudy is asked by his Hitler Youth leader Franz Deutscher when Hitler's birthday is; Rudy responds with Christ's birthday and is punished. Sometime later, Rudy sees Deutscher on the street and throws a rock at him. In front of Tommy, Liesel, and Rudy's younger sister Kristina, Deutscher savagely beats Rudy. When Rudy is on the ground, Deutscher pulls out a knife and asks again about Hitler's birthday. Rudy replies, "Easter Monday," and Deutscher cuts Rudy's hair. Eventually Rudy leaves the Hitler Youth and joins the Flieger Division.


The Book Thief