The Bean Trees

What aspects of Taylor's life are woman-centered?

Defend your answer by referring to passages from the novel.

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The link for the following except is provided below;

"Generally literature about woman focuses on developing a relationship, and this romantic development is one of the prime aspects signifying growth and coming of age. Kingsolver effectively sidesteps this convention of femininity, allowing Taylor to become a woman and a mother without the need for a romantic partner. This allows Kingsolver to further develop the theme of the tenacity of a woman-centered world, as well as the ability of women to provide and care for others in ways outside of the domestic sphere of the household.

Ultimately, Taylor Greer is a fresh and admirable heroine, one who upends some of our traditional stereotypes of what it means to be a woman, and the journey it takes to get there. Readers of all ages will appreciate not only Taylor’s spunk, but also her endearing amazement as she discovers the world."