The Bean Trees

what are similarities and differences of lou anns and taylors opinion on the living arangements?

what do their ideas say about their charectors and upbringings?

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Taylor is a sassy sort of rebel. She is practical and brave. Even in the face of poverty, her determination remains intact. Lou Ann is more traditional. Unlike Taylor she believes in love and wants a husband. Taylor long ago shed her small town innocence while Lou Ann seems to cling to it, unable to let go of the dreams she once thought to be reachable. Still moving to Arizona showed courage that many believed Lou Ann did not have. Her relationship with Taylor is that of a family. I think Taylor sees this more than Lou Ann. Lou Ann seems to think it temporary until she can realize a more traditional arrangement (one with a guy!) but, as the story evolves, I think Lou Ann realizes that she has it better than most women she knows who have husbands.