The Arabian Nights: One Thousand and One Nights

What is Aladdin’s first wish from the Lamp Genie?

If you could answer the rest that would be great. Thanks!

2. Why does he wish for this?3. Whom does Aladdin ask permission to marry Princess Zubaida?4. What is the response that Aladdin gets?5. What does Aladdin ask the Lamp Genie to do when he realizes Princess Zubaida is in love with him?6. How does the wizard Mustappa realize that Aladdin is still alive?7. What does Mustappa take from Aladdin?8. How does he take it?9. What is Mustappa’s wish?10. What is Aladdin’s challenge to Mustappa?11. Which genie wins the challenge?12. Who ends up with the lamp, and how?13. How does Aladdin’s story end?The Sultan and the Beggar14. Who is Amin? What’s his background?15. Who is Haroun? What kind of life does he live?16. How do these two men switch identities?17. How is Amin’s rule different than Haroun’s?18. What does Haroun do to Amin?19. What do the city guards do to Amin, and why do they do it?20. Why does Haroun repeat the “joke”?21. What does Amin do to Haroun after mistaking him for a demon?22. What do the Sultan’s advisors decide to do to Amin?23. How does Amin’s story end?The Three Princes24. Describe the three princes:Ali —Ahmed —Hussain — 25. What quest does their father send them on?26. Where does each brother go, and what does he find?Magic telescope, apple of life, flying carpetAli — Ahmed —Hussain —27. How does their story end?

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The boy first asks to be brought home. The spirit complies. Questions need to be submitted one at a time.