The Alchemist (Coelho)

The world is itself a text, full of meaning to be deciphered and taught : Explain with reference to " The alchemist " by Paulo coelho.

explain in ur own words.

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The following explanation comes directly from gradesaver's study guide;

"The notion of a universal language spoken by all creation is an important one in The Alchemist. This language manifests itself in signs presented by nature. Coelho underscores his concept of an all-encompassing unity, tying language (commonly considered a peculiarly human faculty) to the rest of nature. The world is itself a text, full of meanings to be deciphered and taught."

The Alchemist tells its story using references from nature.... everything around us means something..... a tree stuck by lightening will have a scar that tells the story. What we learn through this story is that it's our job to be aware of the things around us and be open to the things that nature can teach us.