The Aeneid

A foil is a character whose attitudes, belifs, and behavior differ significantly from those of another character. how would you compare Aeneas's actions with those of his foil Pyrrhus?

This is for the Book II of the Aeneid

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Aeneas's foil is the Aeneid is Dido............. are you asking about Act II of Hamlet in this question? Sorry for the inconvenience here, but I was immediately confused by your choice of foil.

Dido and Aeneas are both strong-willed and powerful; they have an immediate attraction because of this.

Dido is mainly susceptible to love and its ensuing passion/ Aeneas is susceptible to the passion of hatred or anger

Aeneas is dedicated to his mission (building a new home for his people)/ Dido is loyal to Aeneas

Dido enjoys a life of privacy and family/ Aeneas enjoys and desires a public life focused on power and status.


The Aeneid