The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

what is the summary of the adventures of Tom Sawyer?

Summarize the book in one paragraph

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Tom Sawyer is a young and mischievous, young man. He lives with his Aunt, cousin, and younger half brother in a small town along the Mississippi River. Tom dislikes school, any type of work, and being told what to do, but he loves swimming, playing hooky, taking off in the middle of the night, and of course, Becky Thatcher. Over the course of the novel, Tom gets into all kinds of trouble, the worst being the fact that he witnessed Dr. Robinson's murder and testifies that Injun Joe was in fact the murderer. He disappears, plays pirate, and even gets to attend his own funeral, before discovering what he believes to be the location of treasure; twelve thousand dollars to be exact. The novel concludes, as Tom and Huckleberry Finn make plans to become thieves.

If you've looked at Gradesaver's short summary, you'll see that one paragraph is not enough to cover all of the points you need. Good luck!

According to chapter 4-8,

Is Tom Sawyer a bad boy? whay (not)?