The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Summarize the last part of the book and explain what becomes of both Tom and Huck ?

chapter 32-35

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When he meets up with Huck, Tom informs him that he knows where the treasure is buried. Mistaking the treasure for lost, Huck is eager to return to MacDougal's cave with Tom in search of the money. After recovering the treasure from the cave, the two boys return to town, only to be ushered into the Widow Douglas's parlor. To express her gratitude towards Huck for saving her life, the widow intends on giving Huck a permanent home and providing him with an education. Declaring that Huck is now independently wealthy, Tom spring forward with their newfound treasure, totaling over twelve thousand dollars.

To conclude, to novel ends with Huck and Tom discussing their future plans of becoming world-class robbers.



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