The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

How did Tom, Huck and Joe spent time in the jackson`s island?

plssssss write a v.v. broad answer in your own way from chapter 13, 14, 15(last part), 16 and 17 plss write the main points but not in a bookish way but in your way that every one will love

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In Chapter Fourteen, Tom awakes before the other two boys and marvels at the beauty of nature, admiring the plight of a small worm, a trail of ants, a ladybug, the calls of various birds. As Twain describes: "All Nature was wide awake and stirring now." When the other two boys rise, they begin their new lifestyles as pirates. "Living off the fat of the land," the boys swim, play, fish, explore the island, and lay around in the shade. But despite their freedom to do what they please, homesickness creeps over the boys. Though afraid to admit it, each falls to thinking about their friends and family back on the mainland.