The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

how did aunt polly find out that tom had been out swimming?

answer of chapter 1 class vi

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When Aunt Polly questions Tom about what he's done that day (she thinks he skipped school to go swimming), Tom gives an excuse for his wet hair, and then points out that the collar of his shirt is still sewn tight....... thus he couldn't have taken it off to go swimming and it would be soaked through if he had. Sid takes this chance to pipe in and remind her that the collar had been sewn with white thread whereas now it was black. Busted........ Tom skipped school, took off his shirt, went swimmimg, and then sewed it back up!

SId told Aunt Pollythat Tom had the wrong color of thread on his collar.


The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

actually i have a question

what happens in effect because he gets busted?

i need 2 things


don't have one

Fucker aunty puly

Aunt Polly found out that Tom had been swimming because of the buttons on his shirt. Tom had to re-sew them because they like ripped. Then Aunt Polly noticed that the string was a different colour then it had been before.


What I remember from that section of the book. :))