The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

56. Where are Aunt Polly & Mrs. Thatcher when they realize Becky & Tom are missing?


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Aunt Polly and Mrs. Thatcher were at church when they realized that Tom and Becky were missing.

There was no Sabbath-school during day-school vacation, but everybody was early at church. The stirring event was well canvassed. News came that not a sign of the two villains had been yet discovered. When the sermon was finished, Judge Thatcher’s wife dropped alongside of Mrs. Harper as she moved down the aisle with the crowd and said:
“Is my Becky going to sleep all day? I just expected she would be tired to death.”
“Your Becky?”
“Yes,” with a startled look—“didn’t she stay with you last night?”

Why, no.”
Mrs. Thatcher turned pale, and sank into a pew, just as Aunt Polly, talking briskly with a friend, passed by. Aunt Polly said:
“Goodmorning, Mrs. Thatcher. Goodmorning, Mrs. Harper. I’ve got a boy that’s turned up missing. I reckon my Tom stayed at your house last night—one of you. And now he’s afraid to come to church. I’ve got to settle with him.”
Mrs. Thatcher shook her head feebly and turned paler than ever.


The Adventures of Tom Sawyer