The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Who seems to be more superstitious, Jim or Huck?

Chapter 4

about Huck's father returning; Huck's conversation with Jim and his hair-ball

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Both characters hold onto uneducated superstitions, but they believe in them none-the-less. Jim has no formal meducation, but often his superstiitons are based of experiences he's had during his lifetime. Huck is the more childish, but he's a child. Sometimes we believe his character to be older than he is, thus having a more difficult time understanding the things he's superstitious about. I actually consider them equally superstitious.

Both Huck and Jim are superstitious, both for the same reasons. They have tended throughout their lives to listen to the people around them who tell "stories" which make them believe in what we would call "old wives' tales." Both are uneducated - Huck because he did not want to go to school and Jim because he has been a slave - so they believe what they hear and assume unearthly motives for many happenings.