The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

What story does Huck tell Joanna about himself

"The hare lip" Ch 26 (one of 6 of Hucks personas)

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Joanna and Huck eat together, since they are the youngest two people present. She asks him all about England, and Huck lies to her in order to sound knowledgeable. He tells her he sees the King at church; she catches that Huck gave her the wrong town. She catches him in several other lies, and Huck keeps pretending to choke on a chicken bone in order to think of a way out. Mary Jane overhears Joanna telling Huck that she does not believe him and makes Joanna apologize to Huck for being so rude. Huck decides he cannot let the King and Duke steal the money from these extremely kind girls.


They eat together.