The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

what major events in the book make huckleberry finn change into a strong-willed young man?

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Although Tom Sawyer seems to be turning into a civilized young man, Huck is not quite ready to settle down. After faking his death Huck travels down the river with his friend, and escaped slave, Jim. As Huck and Jim have several adventures, we begin to see changes in Huck. The acquisition of money seems a game at first, especially with the "Duke and Dauphin", but as Huck begins to change when he sees that their scams leave victims. Huck begins to see that his actions exact a price on innocent people. Huck also develops a bond with his black friend Jim. Huck ends up risking everything for this friendship; this was an unheard of considering that Jim is not only black but an escaped slave. Huck's priorities shift from simply having adventures to doing the right thing when called upon. Huck develops a sense of self that he never had before.