The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

what is six superstition in the adventures of huckleberry finn book

six superstition

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"Pretty soon a spider went crawling up my shoulder, and I slipped it off and it lit in the candle; and before I could budge it was all shriveled up. I didn't need anybody to tell me that that was an awful bad sign and would fetch me some bad luck, so I was scared and most shook the clothes off of me. I got up and turned around in my tracks three times and crossed my breast every time; and then I tied up a little lock of my hair to keep witches away." (Chapter 1).

"Afterwards Jim said the witches bewitched him and put him in a trance, and rode him all over the State, and then set him under the trees again and hung his hat on a limb to show who done it." (Chapter 2).

Huck and Tom wake up Jim, the widow's slave. They play a trick on Jim by taking off his hat and setting it on a tree branch. Jim thinks he's been bewitched and later gains fame as a witch expert. Tom and Huck meet their friends at a cave that serves as the boys' secret hideout. They form a band of robbers

The widow Douglas and Miss Watson try to teach Huck religion but fail.

When Huck spills salt, Pap returns

Huck touches a snakeskin with his bare hands, a rattlesnake bites Jim.