The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

What is life on the raft like for huck and Jim? Do they feel or act like fugitives? Criminals?

The adventures of huckleberry Finn. I really don't get the second part of the question please help!

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It was initially quite pleasant. Jim and Huck spend the next few days traveling down the river. They improve the raft by building a wigwam, which will keep them dry and warm. Each night, Huck goes into a nearby town and buys more provisions for the next day. They only travel at night to avoid being seen and questioned. It is placid and calming. A storm comes and the boys see a steamboat. This will complicate matters.

THey don't feel like fugitives or criminals. On the contrary, the river is a liberating experience for them where they can discover life, and each other, away from the rigid social constraints of Southern rules.