The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

To what and whom does Huck conform and when does he reject conformality for his emotions?

include emotions, intelligence, fiscal responsibility,social self and physical health/habits

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Huck was never much of a conformist, which is one of the things that leads to his adventures in the first place. He doesn't like being tied down or doing what is expected; he refuses to continue living under his father's rule or taking his abuse; he continues to help Jim even though he understands that his actions run in direct oppostion to the social mores he's been raised with; he involves himself with the Grangerford's even though he understands he shouldn't get involved at all.

Huck has a need to do the right thing. He is a good person and has strong personal beliefs. The most important trait we see in Huck is his need to act on what he sees as his own personal values and sense of morality regardless of what the people around him believe. Note, that even though Huck acts on his own feelings, guilt often accompanies his actions. That guilt comes from his refusal to conform.