The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

The allusion is from the book Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

The Allusion is from the book Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment. An allusion is a reference to a well-known person, place, event, literary work or work of art.

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I'm thinking these kids are direct allusions to Marvel Comic's the X-Men. In the comic (and popular films) mutant kids are isolated because they have powers that make them superior in different ways to their human counterparts. Similarly kids in this book are isolated because their angel-like features make them different, "we're much, much stronger than regular grown-up humans."

What chapter did you find it in? I have to copy it, cite the chapter where it was found and explain it.

This is allusion is to be found in chapters 12-32.. I have to find that and copy it. then cite the chapter where it was found and explain it. Thank you aslan. Please..

There is an e text version on the net. I found the quote in chapter 5.

Teacher is asking us to find the section in the book chapters 12-32.. I dont think its chapter 5 cause she is saying it is in chapters 12-32.

What about chapter 12 where they talk about there speed, The Glory of flight. the Fang nodded. God , is he ever the strong and silet type? there is a book on glory of flight by william phillips. Not sure if this is a allusion.

My quote is from Chapter 5 on the version in the internet. In any case you can take a look yourself. Go to the chapters you need and look for any other work or idea that the story mentions or alludes to. It could be from the Bible or an event in history or really any body of work like the X-Men.

what sight on internet do you go to ?