The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Select a favorite player from Huckleberry Finn and explain why he or she is your favorite?

Please make the the answer at least 1 page long.

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I really like Jim. He is possibly one of the most honest and heroic characters in Twain's stories. Although it takes Huck some time to appreciate Jim as a person, not as property, Jim is compassionate and caring from the get-go. When the pair finds the dead man in the cave (who we find out later is Huck’s father), Jim shelters Huck from having to see it. When they are on the raft together, Jim does lookout shifts for Huck, letting the boy have the shelter and sleep. Of course, at the end of the novel, Jim makes the ultimate sacrifice – his freedom and very likely his life – to save Tom Sawyer. The story he tells about his daughter reminds us again that Jim has a lot to lose on this journey – likely much more than Huck.