The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Religious or Superstitious Quotes From Chapters 7-12

I need any type of quote/dialoge from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn that shows an Idea of Religious or Superstitious Beliefs.Only Threw Chapters 7-12

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Doan' hurt me – don't! I hain't ever done no harm to a ghos'. I alwuz liked dead people, en done all I could for 'em. You go en git in de river agin, whah you b'longs, en doan' do nuffn to Ole Jim, 'at 'uz awluz yo' fren'." (Ch 8)

So we went over to where the canoe was, and while he built a fire in a grassy open place amongst the trees, I fetched meal and bacon and coffee, and coffee-pot and frying-pan, and sugar and tin cups, and the nigger was set back considerable, because he reckoned it was all done with witchcraft. (Ch 8)