The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Is Huck's attitude toward Jim ironic? Considering the values he has been taught by society.

Is it ironic for him to like Jim because of the way he was brought up?

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What I mean paradox is that Huck wrestles with what he thinks is normal (racist attitude) and the fact that he really likes this guy. Southern culture was so dominated by racism that Huck actually thinks his fondness for Jim is abnormal.

I think it is ironic. Sometimes it's a bit of a paradox considering the context.

Yes, it's ironic, but their friendship builds throughout the novel. Huck has moments of guilt because of the way he's been brought up, but their friendship prevails none-the-less.

Do you think Huck's psycho dad had any impact on his "abnormal" relationship with Jim?

Probably yes. JIm was the polar opposite father from Huck's nut job of a dad.Here Jim wanted nothing more than to return to his family. Pap wanted nothing more than to take Huck's money and get completely souced! Hucks own sense of right and wrong surpassed even generations of ingrained racial hatred.