The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Is huck torn between pap's code and the widow's? Between life on the river and the widow's "sivilizing"? Or is he really leaning in one direction at this point in the novel?

I'm not fully

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Huck loves Pap in his own way, but he in no way believes in his "code" for living. Remember, Huck has experienced both neglect and abuse at his father's hands; is there any poiny in this novel where you see him either neglecting or abusing anyone?

The Widow's "sivilizing," well, that's a whole different issue. Huck has had far more freedom than he has with the widow, but in his heart he does warm to her. We see the lessons she's taught him in his behavior throughout....... so he may not embrace the idea, but sertain aspects have stuck. That comes from being loved.

Huck rides the fence throughout the novel; he is civilized when he needs to be and less civilized when what's going on warrants it. He's just a kid...... finding out who he is and what he wants.