The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

I am writing a travel writing about the adventures of HF and is it more suitable to write it in an descriptive and poetic way or should i pay more attention to the emotions and mindsets of the characters?

It is an assignment

The travel writing is supposedly written by Huck and from his point of view

The travel writing should show knowledge about the style used in HF and the main themes.

Bearing that in mind could you answer the question

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If you are truly writing it from Huck's point of view and with his voice, I would go for the simple boyish understanding that Huck has . Much of his humour comes from his musings about people and places from his own unique perspective. Unless you are a fantastic writer (I don't know, maybe you are) this will be a very tall order. If this were my assignment I would forgo the Twain poetry and concentrate on characters and mindset. Once I got going I would attempt to add some of Huck's simple but clever voice and musings into it.

Hey, let me know if I can be of more help. This sounds like a cool assignment!