The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Huck’s moral struggles. How would you describe his sense of right ​and wrong? How does his sense of morality guide his actions?

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Along the journey Huck steals things but doesn't feel too bad because he "intends" to give it back. Huck lives by a social code that does not conform with Southern manners. Huck's close friendship with Jim is a positive aspect of this. Huck does feel bad for leaving the two robbers and tied up man on the sinking ship. This doesn't make Huck a hero. I think he is honourable in his own way. He is certainly developing his sense of honour at this point in the novel. Huck rejects Southern social mores of bigotry for a more enlightened view of humanity. In the end, Huck stays loyal to Jim. Huck is even suspect of his friend, Tom Sawyer, and his motivations for rescuing Jim.