The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

How does Twain use sentence structure in the following passage to emphasize the point of view AND characterization of Huck Finn?

Chapter 2

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You didn't include or specify the passage so it is difficult to respond.

“Everybody was willing. So Tom got out a sheet of paper that he had wrote the oath on, and read

it. It swore every boy to stick to the band, and never tell any of the secrets; and if anybody done

anything to any boy in the band, whichever boy was ordered to kill that person and his family

must do it, and he mustn’t eat and he mustn’t sleep till he had killed them and hacked a cross in

their breasts, which was the sign of the band. And nobody that didn’t belong to the band could

use that mark, and if he did he must be sued; and if he done it again he must be killed. And if

anybody that belonged to the band told the secrets, he must have his throat cut, and then have his

carcass burnt up and the ashes scattered all around, and his name blotted off the list with blood

and never mentioned again by the gang, but have a curse put on it and be forgot forever.” (8)


Huckleberry Finn