The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

How does Twain use irony to show Pap's ignorance of government?

Adventures of Huck Finn Ch 6-9

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Twain uses to desciption of Pap's movements to help add to the display of the stupidity and ignorance of society. Pap gets so hotheaded that he starts stumbling around and hurts his leg, and while he is spastically acting out injures his toe in the process. The way that Twain depicts these scene is somewhat humorous to the reader. Shedding this light on humor and such an ignorant speech adds to the view that society and its views together are down right stupid and inhumane, for we see Pap jumping around like an animal. All the while Twain is creating irony because as Pap compares black people to animals and lower than dirt, he himself is acting like a foos, and displaying a dispicable sight.