The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

How does the 32's Chapter title relate to the plot of Huckleberry finn?

Starts in page 219

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You need to tell me what the title is. This book is so old that the titles change and some do not even have titles. My copy ends on Chapter 32. Just reply back on this thread and I can help you.

The chapter title "I Have a New Name" refers to Huck's temporary change of identity. Aunt Sally mistakes him for Tom Sawyer whom she is expecting and Huck plays along with it. He becomes Tom while he is there. It's important to the plot because Huck's experience being Tom as he stays on the Phelps farm affirms his resolution that he does not like being "sivilized". In the previous chapter Huck learned that he can't pray a lie. He tries to pray in an attempt "to give up sin". He has almost persuaded himself that he should "do the right thing" and write a letter to Miss Watson to let her know where Jim is. But Huck realizes he doesn't want "to do the right thing" if it means being "sivilized". His experience on the Phelps farm affirms that realization.