The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Honesty/Dishonesty in Huckelberry Finn

What are some examples of honesty and dishonesty in Huckelberry Finn & the irony between the two?

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Honesty and dishonesty are blurred throughout the book. Really, much of it has to do with loyalty and betrayal. Huck is loyal to the right people. Thus, he is honest when his conscience dictates and dishonest when he needs to be. When Huck sees the damage that the King and Duke leave in their wake, Huck lies and tells the truth appropriately. Huck lies when he needs to keep his bigger plans a secret and is honest when he needs to put his plan into motion. There is really a fine line here but Huck seems to find it. He is both honest and loyal to the cheated girl in the village. Similarly he is both honest and loyal to his "slave" friend Jim. I hope this makes sense!

I'm not sure about the answer, Macky B.

Fine, but I can tell you that sometimes people just HAVE to lie.

You can't be trustworthy anytime, any minute.


Any sources? I used my brain and hands to answer your question, Macky B.

I agree to Aslan opinion, Macky B.


from the novel.