The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Give the spefic traits that each person possesses that makes him or her admirable?

select five characters that Twain does not admire in Huck Finn.

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First and second; Widow Douglas and Miss Watson would be amongst the characters Twain does not admire. They represent what he finds most hypocritical in both ethical and religious values. Miss Watson doesn't have many redeeming qualities except that she doesn't treat Jim as badly as most slaves are treated; his real desire to run away comes from being separated from his family.

Widow Douglas on the other hand, is an exceptional surrogate mother. She genuinely cares for Huck, and she is the one person he truly hates to disappoint.

Our third and fourth characters would have to be Silas and Sally Phelps. These two characters really are 'good' souls, but the fact that they hold Jim in custody leads me to believe that Twain was using them to make a statement; that being even god people can make mistakes or be led in the wrong direction.

The last of the five characters I'd choose would be Pap. Unfortunately, Pap really has no admirable qualities, so I guess he really doesn't count. Sorry!