The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Explain what Twain is saying about the human race in these incidences. Is Twain's point still valid today? Give examples from modern society to back up your point.

Twain gives us two lenghty examples of senseless violence in the episodes with the Grangerfords and the Shepherdson's and Colonel Sherburn's killing of Boggs.

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He is saying that human beings are pre-disposed to being petty, vindictive and greedy. Race isn't the only issue that brings out the worst in people. THey find other reasons to hate and punish each other regardless of skin colour or ethnicity.

He is informing us that human beings are predisposed to being petty, vengeful and greedy. Color isn't the only issue that brings out the evil in people. People will always find any reasons they can to hate and disagree with each other regardless of race or ethnicity. This is true today as well, it will likely be the same in the future too.

Today people will sue one another for no reason other than to be mean and get money. They may not even have a case but because people just don't care about anyone else anymore they will do whatever they want.

People today are also racist some colored people have a harder time getting a job, or they get pulled over more often than a white person. People think that slavery was done away with, really we have simply adopted a new form of it.