The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Does her work seem sincere? How can you tell? What does Huck think of her ability? Which of his remarks about Emmeline's "art" are most comical

Emmeline Grangerford has painted pictures and written poems about death which today seem foolishly sentimental. 

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I think that to Emmeline, the poems were sincere. That makes her art worthy to be called art. Twain liked to satirize really flowery overdone language. Much of it was from the Romantic poetry he was so used to from his youth. The poem is meant to be an ode and elegy to Stephen Dowling Botts. Instead of moving us Twain has us laughing. The poem is almost satirical of its own style. He uses this same satirical style to describe the feud between the Grangerford and Stephardsons with a resounding tribute to Romeo and Juliet at the end.