The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

describe some of jims superstitions concerning birds and stormy weather and about tampering with snakes ?

in chapters 8-11 of huckleberry finn

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In chapter X, Jim and Huck are discussing how Jim says that it is bad luck to touch a snakeskin with your hands. Huck doesn't believe him because they found money in an overcoat they took from a house that was tilted on its side from the flood. Jim tells Huck that it's coming to him. Then, Huck plays a prank on Jim and curls a dead snake up and puts it by Jim's feet while he is sleeping. The snake's mate comes and bites Jim. This gives the two reason to believe the superstition. They believe that Jim getting bitten by the snake was a result of Huck touching the snakeskin. Why wouldn't you believe this? Because of the events, it seems that this is cause and effect.


Jim predicts that it will rain from seeing little birds jumping about a yard at a time, Huck says that he will catch one. But Jim says "it was death. He said his father laid mighty sick once, and some of them catched a bird, and his old granny said his father would die, and he did" (45).