The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Describe Huck's escape from Pap's cabin.

Chapter 6/7

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Searching for a way to escape, Huck discovers part of a saw that is missing its handle and starts to saw off a log in the rear corner of the cabin, but is forced to stop when Pap returns. Pap is drunk and makes Huck go outside and bring in all the supplies he has brought from town. Huck finds an abandoned canoe and hides it for future use. Huck tries to make it look like he has been killed. When he spots Pap coming back sober, he jumps into the canoe and pushes off. He floats downstream until he reaches Jackson's Island, a deserted stretch of land in the middle of the river. Huck ties up the canoe and satisfied with his work, settles down to get some sleep.


why does huck go into town

what gives away hucks disguise