That Was Then, This is Now

Describe Mark and Bryon's meeting with Angela. Retell the events in order. Tell why the happened.


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One night, Mark and Bryon go goofing around together again, just like they used to. They go to the Ribbon to pick up girls and show off their driving. Suddenly, they see Angela Shepard and her friends. Bryon pushes through to see Angela, who is very drunk and cries into Bryon’s shirt. Mark convinces her to hop into their car, where she and Bryon reminisce. Mark takes them to the liquor store, and comes back with some rum and Coke, and Angela tells them about how terrible her life is, and how much she hates her husband. Bryon again compares her and her situation to Cathy and Cathy’s family, and how the latter family still has love for each other. Angela passes out, and Mark cuts off all of her beautiful dark hair. He says it is revenge for how Angela set up a trap for Ponyboy—the incident in which Mark got hit and could have died. They drop off Angela and her hair on her front lawn.