General Chemistry: Principles and Modern Applications (10th Edition)

Published by Pearson Prentice Hal
ISBN 10: 0132064529
ISBN 13: 978-0-13206-452-1

Chapter 15 - Priciples of Chemical Equilibrium - Exercises - Equilibrium Relationshipos - Page 689: 24


$$V = 12.5 \space L$$

Work Step by Step

1. Since they are in the same flask, the volume is costant, so the ratio of number of moles is the same ratio of concentrations: $$\frac{0.37 \space mol \space I}{1.00 \space mol \space I_2} = \frac{[I]}{[I_2]} = 0.37$$ $$[I] = 0.37[I_2]$$ 2. Substitute into the Kc expression. $$K_c = \frac{[I]^2}{[I_2]} = 1.1 \times 10^{-2}$$ $$1.1 \times 10^{-2} = \frac{(0.37[I_2])^2}{[I_2]}$$ $$1.1 \times 10^{-2} = 0.137[I_2]$$ $$[I_2] = 0.0803 \space M$$ 3. Find the volume: $$1.00 \space mol \space I_2 \times \frac{1 \space L}{0.0803 \space mol \space I_2} = 12.5 \space L$$
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