Chemistry (12th Edition)

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ISBN 10: 0132525763
ISBN 13: 978-0-13252-576-3

Chapter 14 - The Behavior of Gases - 14.2 The Gas Laws - 14.2 Lesson Check - Page 463: 24


The reason for this is that when mixing around the formula PV = nRT for V=nRT/P and as you rise in the atmosphere both temperature and pressure decrease, however pressure will decrease at a faster and due to its inverse relationship with volume the balloon will gain volume.

Work Step by Step

Ground volume= (nR(293K))/101kpa)=2.901nR this is STD for a volume (for simplicity n (moles) and R (the gas constant) are left as variables) 10km geometric altitude(volume)= (nR(220k))/27kpa) =8.14814nR this is an equation for volume at a high above the earth at 10km where pressure is almost non existent but the temperature is still relatively high
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