Chemistry 10th Edition

Published by Brooks/Cole Publishing Co.
ISBN 10: 1133610668
ISBN 13: 978-1-13361-066-3

Chapter 21 - Electrochemistry - Exercises - Redox Review and General Concepts - Page 843: 2


Oxidizing agents are called this way because they oxidize the other element. Therefore, they are reduced and they oxidize the others. In other words, they are the elements that gain electrons. Reducing agents, on the other hand, are oxidized (lose electrons), and thus they cause other elements to be reduced.

Work Step by Step

Oxidizing agents are reduced (gain electrons). $cu^{2+} (aq) + 2e-$ --> $ Cu (s)$ (reduction reaction) Copper ions are the oxidizing agents. $Zn (s) $ --> $Zn^{2+} + 2e-$ (oxidation reaction) Zinc here is the reducing agent as they caused copper to be reduced.
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