Essential Cell Biology, 4th Edition

Published by Garland Science
ISBN 10: 0815344546
ISBN 13: 978-0-81534-454-4

Chapter 19 - Sexual Reproduction and the Power of Genetics - Questions: Question 19-12 A


The mutation is most likely to be dominant.

Work Step by Step

Around half of the offsprings that were born from an affected parent has the mutation. If it were to be recessive, it would be unlikely that the left parents that do not have the mutation can produce that many offspring that do not have the mutation (See explanation below). A = dominant a = recessive Left side unaffected parents (If it was recessive): A_ x A_ Possible combinations: Aa, AA or aa However the pedigree shows that NONE of the offspring is affected and therefore this is unlikely to be a recessive linked mutation. Left side unaffected parents (If it was dominant): aa x aa Possible offspring: aa ONLY This combination is likely to appear as shown in the pedigree since all of their offspring are unaffected between these two unaffected parents.
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