Biology (11th Edition)

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Chapter 13 - Chromosomes, Mapping, and the Meiosis-Inheritance Connection - Review Questions - Synthesize: 1


25%, 50%, 0%

Work Step by Step

Based on the information given, this woman will have one allele for color blindness from her father, and one allele for normal color vision from her mother. If her husband has normal color vision, that means that he has one normal copy of the gene for color vision (males only have one copy of sex-linked genes). Thus, the woman's son's will have a 50% chance of getting her allele for color blindness, which will be the only one, as males, which they will get, making them color blind. Daughters will have normal color vision since they will inherit their father's allele for normal color vision and that allele is dominant. Daughters will, on average, be 50% of the children, and half of the males (25% of total children on average) will not be color blind. That leaves 25% of all children and 50% of all males color blind.
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