Economics: Principles, Problems, and Policies, 19th Edition

Published by McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN 10: 0073511447
ISBN 13: 978-0-07351-144-3

Chapter 2 - The Market System and the Circular Flow - Questions - Page 44: 4


The advantages of using capital in the production process are increased efficiency and a more abundant output. Division of labor refers to human specialization which is taking advantage of an individual's skills and abilities, devoting time to a single task, and avoiding lost time by avoiding shifting around on jobs. The advantages of specialization include using resources of an individual, business, or nation to produce goods/resources to exchange. Exchange is a necessary consequence of specialization because consumers produce basically none of the products they consume.

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Capital provides workers such as farmers the ability to go through production using machines rather than his hands which would be inefficient and time-consuming. Exchange also gives producers the chance to barter their products/services for products/services they actually need and use.
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