Tess of the D'Urbervilles

What is the relationship and family dynamics of the Durbeyfield family? What is the relationship and family dynamics between Angel and his parents?

I'm doing a character analyis. What kind of relationship do both families have?

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The Durbeyfield familyis very poor. THe father's biggest hope is to marry his daughter off to a gentleman. The son of a parson and the youngest of three brothers, Angel did not enter college as his siblings, despite his superior intellect, but rather diverged from the career path his father intended for him, the ministry, to study agriculture so that he might become a farmer. Despite holding more liberal opinions than his father and brothers, Angel Clare is nevertheless equally dogmatic and obstinate. He has a deeply theoretical mindset; it is this quality that causes him to reject Tess when he learns information about her past that contradicts his idealistic view of her.