Tender is the Night

Appearances in other works

References in film

Tender Is the Night has appeared in several films. It first appeared in Michelangelo Antonioni's 1960 film L'avventura as the book Anna was reading before she disappeared. It is also seen in Wim Wenders' film Alice in den Städten (1973—in English, Alice in the Cities) on the coffee table of Vogel's depressed girlfriend. The use of the book in the latter film may have been inspired by actress Lois Moran, who was the basis for the character of Rosemary Hoyt in Fitzgerald's novel and played an "Airport Hostess" in Wenders' movie.[3]

The Coen Brothers' 1991 film Barton Fink contains a similar scene in which the protagonist awakes in a hotel room next to a murdered body, and recruits a friend to hide the body in order to cover up an affair.

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