do you think paul should have been expelled from school from what he did why or why not? why is it so important to paul that his is going to be feared at this new school?

tangerine by edward bloor

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No, I don't think Paul should have been expelled from school. Paul essentially tries to do the right thing throughout the story. He lives under a sociopathic brother and some pretty clueless parents. Still Paul perseveres in schools that often have hostile environments. It is laudable how upstanding Paul turns out to be. Paul wanted Tino to escape the night of the ceremony. Although jumping his coach was out of bounds, it was also out of character for Paul. He was simply trying to do the right thing in the heat of the moment. I think Paul is tired of being afraid. He now demands respect. In the harsh world of high school Paul thinks he needs to be feared in order to carry himself with dignity. Within the context of Paul's world, perhaps he has a point.