A Tale of Two Cities

Who are the other "Jacques," and why does Mr. Defarge show Dr. Manette to them in his pitiful condition? What is implied about the secret lives of Mr. and Mrs. Defarge?

Chapter 5

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M. Defarge owns a wine shop in a poverty stricken area of Paris called Saint Antoine. He used to work for Dr. Manette, but has since moved on from a life of servitude to becoming a business owner. The man is intelligent and has good leadership skills which he uses as a committed member of the revolutionaries. His biggest hope is to see a better society for everyone regardless of what it takes, but he does have a soft spot for his former employer......... something considered a weakness by those close to him.

Mrs. Defarge, unlike her husband, doesn't have a kind bone in her body. She's bloodthirsty and filled with anger. She knits while her husband works, but what she knits isn't a night cap; it's a "hit" list, filled with the names of the victims that the revolution intends to execute.



When Defarge returns to his shop, his wife coughs slightly and gestures with her eyebrow that he should take a look around the store. He sees Mr. Lorry and Miss Manette seated in his store, as well as three men apparently named Jacques, which is also Monsieur Defarge's own name. Mr. Lorry is displeased both by the fact that Dr. Manette is locked in, and that they can see the three Jacqueses spying on him through chinks in the wall.