A Tale of Two Cities

what is the relatonship between charles and sydney .what scene is lucie reffering to when she says 'I have seen it bleeding.' ? why does carton seek free access to darnay house ?

İn book 2. chapter 20-21

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Charles and Sydney don't really like each other. Well, Sydney doesn't like Charles. Let's face it, the two men are very alike but have very different backgrounds. They both love Lucie..... Lucie loves Charles.

When Lucy says "I have seen it bleeding," she is referring to Sydney's heart. I'll try to find the scene to which she's referring.

In the scene where Sydney asks Charles for free access to his home, he is also seeking friendship. Carton also wishes to be near Lucie, and a few times per year he appears uninvited and is allowed to be a part of the family. Sydney had never had a family.

Source(s): Tale of Two Cities