A Tale of Two Cities

Are we supposed to feel sympathy for Madame Defarge? What is Dickens thoughts toward women?

When we hear the story about the Evrmondes and how Madame Defarge's sister was killed are we supposed to feel sympathetic for her? Also, does Dickens like Lucie Manette or madame Defarge? is he for feminist or???

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Check this out:



 i read that passage but i am still not sure if we should feel sympathy or not?



I don't know!!

I suppose we do have to feel for her a little. Life could not have been easy for her. Her sister was raped by the Marquis St. Evrémonde. Her father died poor and in heartache. Her brother was killed trying to avenge his sister's honor. One could easily understand why she had it in for the aristocracy.