Symposium by Plato


The dialogue's seven major speeches are delivered by:

  • Phaedrus (speech begins 178a):[21] was an Athenian aristocrat associated with the inner-circle of the philosopher Socrates, familiar from Phaedrus and other dialogues.
  • Pausanias (speech begins 180c): the legal expert.
  • Eryximachus (speech begins 186a): a physician.
  • Aristophanes (speech begins 189c): the eminent comic playwright.
  • Agathon (speech begins 195a): a tragic poet, host of the banquet, that celebrates the triumph of his first tragedy.
  • Socrates (speech begins 201d): the eminent philosopher and Plato's teacher.
  • Alcibiades (speech begins 214e): a prominent Athenian statesman, orator and general.

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