Sundiata: An Epic of Old Mali

What importance and function did griots have to the king personally, and to the institutions of power more generally

i just want to know in detail if possible what importance and fuction the griots had for the king but also for the institution of power more genrally. i know that the griots are known to be the keepers of the past but i want to know how i can relate this to their importance for the king

thank you very much for whoever will answer this

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The griot, Djeli Mamadou Kouyaté introduces himself as a "master in the art of eloquence." He briefly introduces his ancestors and tells that the Kouyatés have always served the Keita princes of Mali. He describes their duties as harboring old secrets, memorializing the names and deeds of great kings, and preserving "the memory of mankind."

He claims to know the names of all kings who ruled Mali, how the tribes were split, and why they were named as they were. All information he learned from his father. He teaches kings their history so that they might use precedent to guide their choices, as "the future springs from the past." He also preemptively explains that "royal griots do not know what lying is." As a result, they have often been called to mediate tribal differences, which they do by reminding the parties of oaths their respective ancestors took.